Welcome to the College of Marin Fine Arts Gallery. Considering the changes facing both our College community and the community at large, we have, in turn, made some adaptations. In following with social distancing protocols, we cannot invite you physically inside the space but have designed our exhibits to be viewed both from the plaza windows and virtually on our website. We look forward to offering virtual tours, artist interviews, discussions via zoom, and hopefully someday soon, welcoming you back into our space. Please stay safe and healthy, and thank you for your interest and support.

2021 Open Student Exhibit

May 3—21, 2021

The College of Marin Fine Arts Gallery welcomes you to visit the Spring 2021 Open Student Exhibit. The exhibit has been designed to be viewed from the windows of the gallery located on the plaza between the Performing and Fine Arts Buildings, no appointment is necessary. The Fine Arts Gallery appreciates your observation of social distancing practices during your visit! Please see a complete list of participating student artists below:

  • Amanda Hammond
    Amelia Aufuldish
    Anastatsa Chiurco
    Andy Zarke
    Angela Lee
    Anita Ostrom
    Brianna Banks-McLean
    Cecilia Sity
    Colette Battaglia
  • Colleen Yee
    Cristy Kakinuki
    Crystal Mcdougold
    Darcy Nicholson
    Elizabeth Selandia
    Emerald Lin
    Emilia Hernandez
    Emilio Saldana
    Estella Mora-Lopez
  • Esther Rose Riesenberg
    Gigi Gagnon
    Jenny Hauford
    Karina Gironce
    Lindsey H. Presson
    Madison Carlin
    Maria Alice Garcia
    Meg Bloomfield
    Melissa Parhm
  • Mishka Heath
    Nicki Adani
    Rebecca Riley
    Roni Rubin
    Sherri Mills
    Sousha Naghshineh
    Susan Kraft
    Tree Allen
    Tricia Ghalam
    Yuxin Liu

Pick up of work: May 24—26, 2021
11 am — 5 pm

Pick up location:
COM Fine Arts Gallery, Kentfield Campus